• Researching ways to help the community, I contacted the City of Lakeway and was directed to the Environmental Coordinator.

  • To protect Lake Travis water quality​, I am now working with the Environmental Coordinator to install inlet markers to prevent dumping in storm drains.

  • The City of Lakeway has approved my plan and has expressed enthusiasm and support for my project. 

  • The City of Lakeway Environmental Coordinator has personally trained me in the approved installation method


  • The City of Lakeway is providing all of the necessary tools and materials.

The Beneficiary's Goals: 

The City of Lakeway has approximately 1,300 Curb Inlet Markers in total to install around the greater Lakeway Area.  This City's goal was originally targeted to complete approximately 450 markers per year, with the total installation spanning over a 3 year period.  The City is planning to work with the community on this effort and is seeking volunteers to assist with this community service project.   I made contact with the City of Lakeway and offered my services along with a scout crew of volunteers that I will mobilize to help them reach their goal.  

City of Lakeway Contact:

I have been working with the City of Lakeway Environmental Coordinator, Kyle Honnerlaw,   We have had regular meetings in preparation for this project.  During these meetings, Mr. Honnerlaw has provided the necessary training for installation and has offered valuable input and advice regarding my project.  Together, we have discussed the scope of the project and refined the details. 

​​Parker's Eagle 

​Scout Project​ 


The City of Lakeway 

is my Eagle Project Beneficiary

IMPACT: Lake Travis Watershed